Santa Michael Wilson operates Santa Coastal Claus, LLC. Michael is a jolly, REAL-bearded Santa, and with Mrs. Claus, appears professionally in the Hampton Roads/Virginia Beach/Chesapeake region. Santa Michael and Karen Claus train at prestigious Santa schools including the Professional Santa Claus School in Denver, and the International University of Santa Claus.   Santa works year-round to spread his joy of Christmas and is licensed, insured and is current with his nationwide background check.

Santa Michael

Santa and Mrs. Claus attended the "Professional Santa Claus School" in 2015 and

the "International University of Santa Claus" at Quantico, VA May of 2016.  Santa studied in 2017 with the Santa Claus Conservatory and attended Christmas performer training in 2018.  

Santa's History

Mrs. Karen Claus

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